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The Silver Surfer - Sprite Patch

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The Silver Surfer - Sprite Patch Empty The Silver Surfer - Sprite Patch

Post  Axkeeper Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:03 pm

The Silver Surfer - Sprite Patch Version

The Silver Surfer - Sprite Patch XsjUyBl

This is a sprite patch for the silver surfer. This was done to make the silver surfer a taller fighter. Also he looks less like Iceman from X-Men but unfortunately now he looks like Urien from Street Fighter III Rolling Eyes

Note: This is not my Silver surfer originally, this is a character by Team Omega Pawnage.

Also I will admit that TOPS surfer can't be beat and is perfect as is; but this version was done just because of the reasons all ready mentioned. TOPS original version will remain up until further notice from the chief admin.

You will need to download TOPS original surfer and apply these files manually.

Original character here
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