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Iron Man -MEGAMIX- For WinMUGEN & 1.+

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Iron Man -MEGAMIX- For WinMUGEN & 1.+ Empty Iron Man -MEGAMIX- For WinMUGEN & 1.+

Post  duracelleur Tue May 12, 2015 7:06 pm

During Avengers AOU's wave, I wanted to edit a full and complete Iron Man.
Same thing as the ReHyped characters I've edited (Ryu, Ken, Ryuuken).
MVC styled gameplay based on my ToSix project.

Original character by Magus :
A bunch of new specials and hypers based on :
Kong's Iron Man & War Machine, ZVitor's Iron Man, Erradicator's Iron Man, Magus's Ultron...

Iron Man -MEGAMIX- For WinMUGEN & 1.+ J0qt
Stance sprite by Graphicus :
MVC3 Voice pack by MGMurrow :

Check readme.txt for a full command list.



Iron Man -MEGAMIX- For WinMUGEN & 1.+ Sig2

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