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Goku - Beta 2 Release

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Goku - Beta 2 Release Empty Goku - Beta 2 Release

Post  Axkeeper on Fri Oct 03, 2014 7:58 pm

[quote author=AxKeeper link=topic=4773.msg28801#msg28801 date=1412204490]
Goku - Beta 2 - Release

Goku - Beta 2 Release RNidmW0

I tried to finish this but I was unable to. Though he has a lot more progress now and a few fixes. There are some bugs now though which I am unable to fix right now. The character is a little more cleaner and faster now with improved A.I. The character is no longer palette compatible at the moment. He has a new portrait and an updated palette.

This version has all specials and 1 hyper/super.
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