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Goku - Beta Release

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Goku - Beta Release Empty Goku - Beta Release

Post  Axkeeper Wed May 14, 2014 7:31 pm

Goku - Beta Release

Goku - Beta Release BPu3H3m


2nd release so far of this wip. All basic attacks are done and he has 1 special now, the mighty blast of rage, the same blast that beat frieza! A lot of sprites are still incomplete and there are still some specials that need to be done. This release has no hypers. The character is now palette compatible and a few things got fixed.

Some stuff will come up in the final release

Specials Planned
-head tackle
-instant gut punch

Hypers Planned
-Super Saiyan 2 Ascended Ka-Me-Ha Wave
-Spirit Bomb shot
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