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The Red Skull - Released

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The Red Skull - Released Empty The Red Skull - Released

Post  Axkeeper Tue May 14, 2013 11:04 pm

The Red Skull - Released Redskullstance ?wvhhezncny37daz

The Red Skull - Released K2ZsI
It was my first wip ever.

I started out in this mugen warehousing place called "The Hidden Elect" (offline) where we shared leaked and stolen characters for mugen Posted Image, rare stuff at that time to.

After working on a Conan the Barbarian animation I got to work on Red Skull with an admin/coder named Zodiac.

After seeing the results I wanted to make a detailed version but somehow it turned out worse in 2008. I may have released this one somewhere on esnips?

So i decided to go for it one "last" time in 2009 with a traditional base. This one was private and only a few had it. Arkady did a custom edit of it with a lot of stuff.

Anyway, the wip was lost on me when my PC crashed. Luckily though Volzilla saved it and sent it my way. Once I had it back i decided to enhance to the 2012 version after doing stuff for DBZ choujin/stig, Mortal Kombat Mugen, Spider-man, marvel/DC, Street Fighter, Originals, and stages.

Posted Image

The moral of the story is if you really love something you should do it...even if it takes...

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