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Heidern CVS Style Mode Infinite

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Heidern CVS Style Mode Infinite Empty Heidern CVS Style Mode Infinite

Post  Falcondurap Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:47 pm

Heidern CVS Style Mode Infinite 4hKZ6Jrleegt_r6qrx137-HDtWttRDpIYdmi62ELuZLWITLLon6T4DFqnWMno5Kp8B_VQip6blk3EICRMzB_ESYY58VEYyg0=w1366-h768-rw-no

"Salve galera" Infinite Forum... I'm here to show a project that I've been developing for some time, it's still not finished, but I think that in two months it will be ready to be shared with all members and visitors of the forum, who Is heidern with sprites style CVS (I'm actually doing in infinite-mvc mode, I think it's cool to throw the opponent up and send air combo hehehe). I do not know if it was already released in this mode, at least in the searches I gave around the internet the most I found was an edited sprite of Ikari Team in CVS mode in Deviantart. If it has not been done, if I say something wrong, I apologize because I do not speak English and I'm using the translator rs... lol!

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