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She-Hulk custom released with video

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She-Hulk custom released with video Empty She-Hulk custom released with video

Post  thepaniqd Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:38 am

She-Hulk custom released with video TqCTTMe

preview video:

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She-Hulk custom released with video GOr56zfShe-Hulk custom released with video 0iYVJaWShe-Hulk custom released with video KvLmK9s

She-Hulk features:
-a 6 button scheme
-Back Dash
-Super Jump
-Air Recovery
-Ground Recovery
-Ground Recovery Attacks
-2 sp.normals
-2 Throws
-1 Air Throw
-2 throws
-4 Specials
-1 Air Special
-4 Hypers
-1 lvl.3 Hyper
-1 Desperation Hyper  

Parry:Guard + FP
Knockdown P - B+P
Knockdown K - B+K

GammaStrike - D,F + P
GammaStomp - D,B + P
GammaSting - D,F + K
GammaKick - D,B + k
GShoryuken - F,D,F + P

GammaCharge - D,F + 2P
HyperGStomp - D,B + 2P
Shulkcrusher - D,F + 2K
ShulkcrusherII - D,B + 2k

Lvl.3 Hyper:
GammaMauler - D,F + FP+FK (Must have 25% or above HP)

Lvl.3 Desperation Move:
TrueGshoryuken - F,D,F + 2P (Must have 25% or below HP)

She-Hulk contains a prototype fighting system for a full game currently refereed to as MSH-ex.
the system itself can be thought of as a more technical version of the VS. series
(a mix of SFIII, SFIV, and MVC)

The base system contains chaining, canceling, launching, parry, specials, hypers, a lvl3 hyper, and a desperation hyper.

About chaining and cancelling:
The chain system works much like the vs series (L->M->F) (L->M->Launcher->jump->L->M->F)
but with the ability to chain specials and hypers.
in addition to chaining; normal attacks can cancel to special and hypers, and special attacks can cancel to certain specials (varies depending upon initial move hit) and hypers.

About Lvl.3 Hyper:
The Mauler is nearly unstoppable, very powerful, and can hit in nearly every situation. However... in order to activate the mauler She-Hulk must have a full power bar and her life must be at least 25% full.

About the desperation move:
Once She-Hulk's life is depleted more than 75% she no longer has the strength to use The Mauler. In this situation the Incredibly powerful True Gshoryuken is available to use. She-Hulk must have a full power bar in order to use the true Gshoryuken and it will deplete any remaining health.
The desperation move is an extreme gamble, She-Hulk puts everything she has left in this last ditch effort to KO the opponent. You must be very close in order to hit and a miss will result in the excess gamma radiation damaging she hulk and knocking her out.
On the other hand a hit is a guaranteed KO on the opponent with very few exceptions.

Have fun testing and experimenting with her combo system.

She-Hulk download link:


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She-Hulk custom released with video Empty Nice

Post  n64paul Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:43 pm

plays good so far Very Happy
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