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[HR]Tekken 2 Devil Kazuya Stage

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[HR]Tekken 2 Devil Kazuya Stage Empty [HR]Tekken 2 Devil Kazuya Stage

Post  GLB on Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:59 pm

Special thanks to:

The Magic Toaster. Without him this wouldn't have been made, he ripped the tile. All I did was rotate and adjust.

Tamez: For teaching me this parallax method and the darkness overlapped sprites.

[HR]Tekken 2 Devil Kazuya Stage Y1VUDlc

Very simple but hard to make at the same time. Fucking parallax.

Tried to make it as close to source as I could, the only difference is some of the tiles order may be a bit different, it's HR, and there's no shadow/mirror effect and there's no superjump. It's just the floor with the black bg. Maybe in the future I can do something for the mirror effect, I was thinking a screen with static animations in it rather than the mirrors.

It's 1.0 compatible and it'll be on my site later this week.


I may consider Tekken 1 stages. This will be the only Tekken 2 stage I will ever make because Tamez will most likely be making the rest if they're ripped.


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