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Yagyu Jubei by Trololo

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Yagyu Jubei by Trololo Empty Yagyu Jubei by Trololo

Post  Trololo Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:16 am

Yagyu Jubei by Trololo 8MMQBGN
Yeah, it kinda IS funny that I actually post a character outside of MFG or more personal places. At any rate, doing a favor to my feller R@CE and post the character here too.
Hope you'll like it, though heed a warning: while Jubei is P.o.T.S. Style, he is of clean variation of one, meaning there won't be a config with chains, different sounds and effects, palette selector, and other stuff you could be used to with Infinite's and R@CE's characters!


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