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Forest Of Forgetfulness

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Forest Of Forgetfulness Empty Forest Of Forgetfulness

Post  Alpyne_D on Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:18 pm



Forest Of Forgetfulness 154218d4


~Modest SuperJump
~Animated [options available]
~2 BGMs, Kustom-Kut for this release [preset options in .def]

been a year since i last drop'd a stage [Stranglehold], &, to be honest, i've been bustin' my ass lately to make sure i beat that 'deadline'. it was lookin' grim for a sec, didn't think i was gonna make it, lol. anywhatty.....

so, i've kinda been at war with this kreation for a while [she's been rebuilt like 4 times, more deets in tha .def], so this release is a bit of a small victory for me.

special thanx to my R.O.K family for inspiration, motivation, & AA; this joint would still be in slight stasis if not for you gais. Forest Of Forgetfulness 875328cc

anyhoo, enjoy dem shitz. Forest Of Forgetfulness One

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