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Star Fox's - Fox McCloud - RELEASED

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Star Fox's - Fox McCloud - RELEASED Empty Star Fox's - Fox McCloud - RELEASED

Post  Axkeeper on Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:04 am


Star Fox's - Fox McCloud - RELEASED 3DpoTKw


This is a custom remix of Fox McCloud. This character is highly influenced by Star Fox 64 and he is made to fight similar to that of his Arwing from Star Fox 64. MCCloud can fire lasers and charge it to. He can boost as an attack and do a U turn for thruster damage. Fox can fire a tracking smart bomb and he can barrel roll at point blank distance.

Fox has 2 hypers, one a multiple Torpedo attack and the other move a standard hyper beam borrowed from one of his boss fights in SF64. Specials are performed by pushing forward and back with the blaster button or in reverse by pressing backwards and then forwards with the blaster.
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