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Need help! Screenpack resolution issues

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Need help! Screenpack resolution issues Empty Need help! Screenpack resolution issues

Post  Pisstepank Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:09 am

So, I installed a screenpack and it was working (
But when i tried to change the resolution, from 1280,720 16:9 to 640,480 4:3, the game itself worked well but it looked like the lifebars etc.. were "Locked" on 16:9

I first tried to change system.def Localcoord : from 1280,720 to 640,480
And Mugen.cfg : GameWidth = 640
                      GameHeight = 480
It looked like this

Then i changed back system.def Localcoord to 1280,720, mugen.cfg stayed at 640,480.
It looked like this
LIfebars seems to be locked at 16:9 resolution, even if i set it in 4:3.

I already spent more than 3 hours looking on how to solve this. If someone can help me it will be awesome!
I just hope that this screenpack is not only compatible with 16:9 display.

Thank you for your attention :]

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