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Micheal Max & SF1 Mike W.I.P.

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Micheal Max & SF1 Mike W.I.P. Empty Micheal Max & SF1 Mike W.I.P.

Post  Skeletor-EX Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:30 pm

I'm sure like lot's of you, I've been waiting for SF1 characters to make a return, as well as other characters from SNK. For some reason or another, Capcom and snk refuse to bring back these characters. Looks like there's only one thing to do... Do it my damn self! And I'm starting with these dudes first. If all goes well, I'm doing Joe, Retsu, Geki and Lee. Check this out...

Micheal Max & SF1 Mike W.I.P. MichealvsMike

Micheal Max will have his signature tornado upper as well as other wind based attacks. His personality and win quotes will revolve around a friendly rivalry with the Fatal Fury trio, but mainly Joe. According to SNK, the reason why he wasn't in FF2 or any other game since, is because he was one of many fighters defeated by Krauser. So yeah, his soul purpose now is to become a stonger fighter and ultimately, to defeat Krauser...

SF1 Mike aka Mike Blaze, is a fan fictional take on this character. He was so badass, you had to catch him with a fireball, then crouch and block for the rest of the round. That is unless you were a master of shoryukens which were a BITCH to pull off in SF1, but they did tremendous amounts of damage. I recall Mike having a fire punch that pretty much took you out if it connected. So I decided to make his specials fire based. As far as personality, he never really had one, so I decided to make him similar to Floyd Mayweather. Quick, powerful as hell, and extremely arrogant... I'll post updates... afro
Micheal Max & SF1 Mike W.I.P. MM
New look for Micheal Max. Those biker shorts had to GO!! He's coming along pretty good so far!
Micheal Max & SF1 Mike W.I.P. MichealvsJoe
Moving right along...

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Micheal Max & SF1 Mike W.I.P. Skeletorsig4813_zps30b80498
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