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Palette Chronicles

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Palette Chronicles Empty Palette Chronicles

Post  UltimateBiosparkJ Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:28 pm

Palette Chronicles 61121310 Sexy!! Strike a pose!!

Deadpool by "Unlimited Team" -

Palette Chronicles 80796788Palette Chronicles 80115820Palette Chronicles 87332955Palette Chronicles 95430564Palette Chronicles 59515200Palette Chronicles 71528606Palette Chronicles 44223092Palette Chronicles 27222151Palette Chronicles 67651963Palette Chronicles 61815972Palette Chronicles 46760303Palette Chronicles 98617813

MvC Dhalsim by "Manobaru (aka AKu Ma)" -

Palette Chronicles 35096375Palette Chronicles 96026710Palette Chronicles 60527216Palette Chronicles 52932498Palette Chronicles 99364584Palette Chronicles 11305417Palette Chronicles 72233391Palette Chronicles 81067139Palette Chronicles 50370009Palette Chronicles 70748053Palette Chronicles 13238527Palette Chronicles 13716374

Sean by "Ethan Lives" -

Palette Chronicles 91032098Palette Chronicles 34160605Palette Chronicles 15500687Palette Chronicles 91413311Palette Chronicles 93656696Palette Chronicles 69960066Palette Chronicles 42718471Palette Chronicles 87240497Palette Chronicles 66595651Palette Chronicles 68179577Palette Chronicles 84360142Palette Chronicles 80188597


Palette Chronicles 81646982Palette Chronicles 23289794Palette Chronicles 16390058Palette Chronicles 18576242Palette Chronicles 76774173Palette Chronicles 57272139Palette Chronicles 46998227Palette Chronicles 60375941Palette Chronicles 82950379Palette Chronicles 86125642Palette Chronicles 65629224Palette Chronicles 10625661

INFINITE Jack Turner -

Palette Chronicles 97704243Palette Chronicles 29563471Palette Chronicles 16623106Palette Chronicles 21901567Palette Chronicles 35094854Palette Chronicles 85681125Palette Chronicles 69170910Palette Chronicles 59794470Palette Chronicles 74637301Palette Chronicles 40364593Palette Chronicles 78474059Palette Chronicles 89479508

Krizalid kof99 0.98 "Nyankoro" -

Palette Chronicles 31121734Palette Chronicles 11888798Palette Chronicles 77788924Palette Chronicles 83363641Palette Chronicles 46596725Palette Chronicles 47019386

Strider Hiryu by "Syn" -

Palette Chronicles 4-1Palette Chronicles 8Palette Chronicles 11Palette Chronicles 10Palette Chronicles 9Palette Chronicles 7Palette Chronicles 6-1Palette Chronicles 5-1Palette Chronicles 3Palette Chronicles 2Palette Chronicles 1Palette Chronicles 12

INFINITE Cammy (Delta Red & Doll Uniform) -

Palette Chronicles 24Palette Chronicles 23Palette Chronicles 22Palette Chronicles 21Palette Chronicles 20Palette Chronicles 19Palette Chronicles 18Palette Chronicles 17Palette Chronicles 16Palette Chronicles 15Palette Chronicles 14Palette Chronicles 13

Palette Chronicles 12-1Palette Chronicles 11-1Palette Chronicles 10-1Palette Chronicles 9-1Palette Chronicles 8-1Palette Chronicles 7-1Palette Chronicles 6-2Palette Chronicles 5-2Palette Chronicles 4-2Palette Chronicles 3-2Palette Chronicles 2-2Palette Chronicles 1-2


Palette Chronicles 10-2Palette Chronicles 11-2Palette Chronicles 9-2Palette Chronicles 8-2Palette Chronicles 7-2Palette Chronicles 6-3Palette Chronicles 5-3Palette Chronicles 4-3Palette Chronicles 3-3Palette Chronicles 2-3Palette Chronicles 1-3Palette Chronicles 12-2

Sic-1's The Flash -

Palette Chronicles Th_11-3Palette Chronicles Th_10-3Palette Chronicles Th_9-3Palette Chronicles Th_8-3Palette Chronicles Th_7-3Palette Chronicles Th_6-4Palette Chronicles Th_5-4Palette Chronicles Th_4-4Palette Chronicles Th_3-4Palette Chronicles Th_2-4Palette Chronicles Th_1-4Palette Chronicles Th_12-3

Karl Moresko by "mulambo" -

Palette Chronicles 21024094Palette Chronicles 74802643Palette Chronicles 43381732Palette Chronicles 86431059

Haggar by "Buckus" -

Palette Chronicles 60561202Palette Chronicles 24941717Palette Chronicles 54815588Palette Chronicles 39383133Palette Chronicles 19191616Palette Chronicles 58756706

Billy Lee by "RYO 2005" -

Palette Chronicles 73230736Palette Chronicles 52440062Palette Chronicles 75049455Palette Chronicles 51960239Palette Chronicles 84321927Palette Chronicles 80181888

Wolverine by "Zvitor" -

Palette Chronicles 57108978Palette Chronicles 13456020Palette Chronicles 93498739Palette Chronicles 82708874Palette Chronicles 68038220Palette Chronicles 38767083

Vyn's Akuma -

Palette Chronicles 58714370Palette Chronicles 54238042Palette Chronicles 53099792Palette Chronicles 52176520Palette Chronicles 36794483Palette Chronicles 61705598Palette Chronicles 27406526Palette Chronicles 88628028Palette Chronicles 53142950Palette Chronicles 34283325Palette Chronicles 49722430Palette Chronicles 68409392

Kuando by "AIDUZZI" -

Palette Chronicles 83066722Palette Chronicles 34493013Palette Chronicles 27395403Palette Chronicles 94369875Palette Chronicles 13477485Palette Chronicles 35651642

Spiderman by "Seth Zankuten" -

Palette Chronicles 19588379Palette Chronicles 95346653Palette Chronicles 28514756Palette Chronicles 92524396Palette Chronicles 50060912Palette Chronicles 21396659

MGMURROW's Juggernaut -

Palette Chronicles 14682995Palette Chronicles 42937053Palette Chronicles 26052015Palette Chronicles 75619302Palette Chronicles 49256312Palette Chronicles 42236454Palette Chronicles 22419812Palette Chronicles 40902030Palette Chronicles 70475729Palette Chronicles 85254704Palette Chronicles 17692585Palette Chronicles 29040565Palette Chronicles 74739692

Vyn's Wolverine (Mixed Claw Set) -


Palette Chronicles 61864824Palette Chronicles 50502572Palette Chronicles 39859552Palette Chronicles 95640078Palette Chronicles 15844367Palette Chronicles 97135810

Sander's Wolverine (Set 2) -

Palette Chronicles 90727837Palette Chronicles 89721774Palette Chronicles 85822757Palette Chronicles 96468580Palette Chronicles 11895054Palette Chronicles 88224906Palette Chronicles 86952760Palette Chronicles 29130903Palette Chronicles 63453244Palette Chronicles 34946590Palette Chronicles 64519525Palette Chronicles 52493994

Leo by "Sabaki" -


Palette Chronicles 30930909Palette Chronicles 70850118Palette Chronicles 87643692Palette Chronicles 75972958Palette Chronicles 57115032Palette Chronicles 70213055Palette Chronicles 14243057Palette Chronicles 41523589Palette Chronicles 31689714Palette Chronicles 91510787Palette Chronicles 10636693Palette Chronicles 54758602

Dante by "Bugya" Surprised Surprised!! -

Palette Chronicles 53563932Palette Chronicles 71184908Palette Chronicles 67159953Palette Chronicles 85636251Palette Chronicles 52601235Palette Chronicles 95507515Palette Chronicles 23347211Palette Chronicles 61443160Palette Chronicles 73828852Palette Chronicles 81242865Palette Chronicles 96978152

R@CE 45's Guy (Second Set) -

Palette Chronicles 93280121Palette Chronicles 18745826Palette Chronicles 49487403Palette Chronicles 13732829Palette Chronicles 17796748Palette Chronicles 97144940Palette Chronicles 87173225


Palette Chronicles 12059833Palette Chronicles 20175087Palette Chronicles 90604908Palette Chronicles 80049842Palette Chronicles 71274103Palette Chronicles 43970290Palette Chronicles 67609064Palette Chronicles 94438233Palette Chronicles 23173469Palette Chronicles 42147289Palette Chronicles 32903163Palette Chronicles 80284590

R@CE 45's Guy -

Palette Chronicles 81887192Palette Chronicles 64450860Palette Chronicles 46997057Palette Chronicles 49205799Palette Chronicles 32182930Palette Chronicles 26216918

Infinite Guile -

Palette Chronicles 92518721Palette Chronicles 58423572Palette Chronicles 97031875Palette Chronicles 43702288Palette Chronicles 55670437Palette Chronicles 57193168Palette Chronicles 99691331Palette Chronicles 75737239Palette Chronicles 66940917Palette Chronicles 98427071Palette Chronicles 27978641Palette Chronicles 92768358

Monk by "MADRE" -

Palette Chronicles 51253142Palette Chronicles 80022272Palette Chronicles 92019074Palette Chronicles 90169399Palette Chronicles 68033436Palette Chronicles 23529679

Scorpion by "NHK" -

Palette Chronicles 10654573Palette Chronicles 85414708Palette Chronicles 35228369Palette Chronicles 98307874Palette Chronicles 51456421Palette Chronicles 11073385

Post Merge: [time]Mon 08 Nov 2010 06:47:03 PM CST[/time]

Two UNLEASHINGs in one day. :cool This is beginning to be way more enjoyable than I imagined. Here are a few more new pallettes for some cool characters. :w00t:

cvsNeoCody (His name is this way because of the NeoNeo AI patch. These Pallettes are made specifically for the AI Patch, but can be used for the regular cvsCody) -

Palette Chronicles 42286952Palette Chronicles 46863616Palette Chronicles 66953469Palette Chronicles 67508981Palette Chronicles 33670907Palette Chronicles 38666898Palette Chronicles 95574256Palette Chronicles 27185705Palette Chronicles 12805466Palette Chronicles 11652471Palette Chronicles 75979429Palette Chronicles 15483413Palette Chronicles 68589939Palette Chronicles 77940808Palette Chronicles 62533752Palette Chronicles 74231716Palette Chronicles 54450994Palette Chronicles 41510965

Ryu-x by "LimitedMoon" -


Palette Chronicles 10aPalette Chronicles 93274592Palette Chronicles 23537279Palette Chronicles 81221055Palette Chronicles 98527338Palette Chronicles 75799819Palette Chronicles 40077428Palette Chronicles 40612115Palette Chronicles 93782442Palette Chronicles 87911701

Satsui no Hadou ("Surge of Murderous Intent")

Palette Chronicles 49611858Palette Chronicles 68026774Palette Chronicles 45969095Palette Chronicles 20137360Palette Chronicles 37388617Palette Chronicles 59510598Palette Chronicles 43989688Palette Chronicles 92387041Palette Chronicles 95340861Palette Chronicles 81533733

Vyn's" Wolverine (Bone Style Pallettes) -

Palette Chronicles 52257571Palette Chronicles 94692227Palette Chronicles 64385068Palette Chronicles 47465266Palette Chronicles 91736594Palette Chronicles 62799931Palette Chronicles 25981080Palette Chronicles 17440206Palette Chronicles 31416691Palette Chronicles 53931068

"Vyn's" Wolverine (Adamantium Style) -

Palette Chronicles 25976857Palette Chronicles 75666289Palette Chronicles 91770840Palette Chronicles 17298682Palette Chronicles 88789714Palette Chronicles 71173685Palette Chronicles 28852860Palette Chronicles 32704145Palette Chronicles 70971894Palette Chronicles 94048522Palette Chronicles 82502236Palette Chronicles 18853311Palette Chronicles 49027439

"2's" cvsCharlie Nash -

Palette Chronicles 53896092Palette Chronicles 29700957Palette Chronicles 35590401Palette Chronicles 16811068Palette Chronicles 23614607Palette Chronicles 24570183Palette Chronicles 33586172Palette Chronicles 74751485Palette Chronicles 56254522Palette Chronicles 63537170Palette Chronicles 41252521Palette Chronicles 92675622Palette Chronicles 87690233

Strider Hiryu by "Splode"

Palette Chronicles 63459508Palette Chronicles 25230955Palette Chronicles 53352526Palette Chronicles 56538015Palette Chronicles 93484367Palette Chronicles 97485162Palette Chronicles 17601391

Sanders' Wolverine
Palette Chronicles Anim9Palette Chronicles Anim11zPalette Chronicles Anim7Palette Chronicles Anim8Palette Chronicles Anim10Palette Chronicles Anim12

Mr. Infinite’s Kyo
Palette Chronicles Anim6hk Palette Chronicles Anim7 Palette Chronicles Anim8 Palette Chronicles Anim9 Palette Chronicles Anim10 Palette Chronicles Anim11

Palette Chronicles Anim7rPalette Chronicles Anim8Palette Chronicles Anim6Palette Chronicles Anim11Palette Chronicles Anim9iPalette Chronicles Anim10w

Jimmy by "RYO 2005"
Palette Chronicles Anim6Palette Chronicles Anim7rPalette Chronicles Anim8zPalette Chronicles Anim9Palette Chronicles Anim10kPalette Chronicles Anim11

SentAttack -

Palette Chronicles Anim1uPalette Chronicles Anim2mPalette Chronicles Anim3Palette Chronicles Anim10Palette Chronicles Anim5Palette Chronicles Anim11Palette Chronicles Anim9Palette Chronicles Anim8Palette Chronicles Anim7Palette Chronicles Anim6Palette Chronicles Anim4


Palette Chronicles Anim12Palette Chronicles Anim13Palette Chronicles Anim13Palette Chronicles Anim12Palette Chronicles Anim12Palette Chronicles Anim16

R@cE 45 Leonardo

Palette Chronicles Anim2aPalette Chronicles Anim3Palette Chronicles Anim4ePalette Chronicles Anim5qPalette Chronicles Anim6Palette Chronicles Anim7

Limited Moon’s Ken-X!! :w00t:

Palette Chronicles Anim12Palette Chronicles Anim0Palette Chronicles Anim1Palette Chronicles Anim2Palette Chronicles Anim3Palette Chronicles Anim5-1Palette Chronicles Anim6-1Palette Chronicles Anim7-1Palette Chronicles Anim8-1Palette Chronicles Anim9-1Palette Chronicles Anim10-1Palette Chronicles Anim11-1

Venom by "Big Eli King" -

Palette Chronicles 89065407 Palette Chronicles 37304927 Palette Chronicles 59368506 Palette Chronicles 83724215 Palette Chronicles 11205602 Palette Chronicles 12671803
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Palette Chronicles Empty Re: Palette Chronicles

Post  UltimateBiosparkJ Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:22 pm

INFINITE Cody (2012 Edition) -

Palette Chronicles 1-5Palette Chronicles 2-5Palette Chronicles 3-5Palette Chronicles 4-5Palette Chronicles 5-5Palette Chronicles 6-5Palette Chronicles 7-4Palette Chronicles 8-4Palette Chronicles 9-4Palette Chronicles 10-4Palette Chronicles 11-4Palette Chronicles 12-4Palette Chronicles 13-1Palette Chronicles 14-1Palette Chronicles 15-1Palette Chronicles 16-1Palette Chronicles 17-1Palette Chronicles 18-1
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Palette Chronicles Empty Re: Palette Chronicles

Post  UltimateBiosparkJ Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:32 am

Palette Chronicles 1-6Palette Chronicles 2-6Palette Chronicles 3-6Palette Chronicles 4-6Palette Chronicles 5-6Palette Chronicles 6-6Palette Chronicles 7-5Palette Chronicles 8-5Palette Chronicles 9-5Palette Chronicles 10-5Palette Chronicles 11-5Palette Chronicles 12-5Palette Chronicles 13-2Palette Chronicles 14-2Palette Chronicles 15-2Palette Chronicles 16-2

Deadpool by "Flamekyo" (2012) Pallettes -
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Palette Chronicles Empty Re: Palette Chronicles

Post  UltimateBiosparkJ Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:50 am

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Palette Chronicles Empty Re: Palette Chronicles

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