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MK9 Thread...

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MK9 Thread... Empty MK9 Thread...

Post  Skeletor-EX on Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:12 am

MK9 Thread... Mortal_kombat_9_nik

Take a look at a REAL fighting game...! I was never the biggest MK fan, but I've always appreciated it's originality. And have always respected it's place among all other good fighters... MK9 has managed to make me a full fledged fan of the series now! The story line is out of control!! Somebody needs to really tell Capcom to get their asses in gear... Quickly!! Because This, and KOF XIII are completely eradicating UMVC3! Take a look at Joe's views on this epic masterpiece...

MK9 Thread... Skeletorsig4813_zps30b80498
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