A Variety of Characters and Stages Smoothed Out {Growing List}

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A Variety of Characters and Stages Smoothed Out {Growing List}

Post  RobotMonkeyHead on Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:51 am

Hello all,

I've been doing a lot of minor updating, bug fixing, adjusting, aligning animations, deltas all that fun stuff, just to sort of round off the edges of some characters and stages I like. I was doing it mostly to polish off my roster for a screenpack I'm working on, but I'll be sharing my work on this thread, and updating it as I go. Hope you enjoy, please feel free to use any of it. No credit necessary, but I do think it's good practice just so people can find their way back to the creators of things they like.

I am certainly not trying to take credit for the original assembly of any of these characters or stages, I'm just fixing them up.
Feedback welcome with a slim possibility of requests.

Latest additions: Added 'Other Mugen Forums to Check Out' section to thread related content.

____________/ - CHARACTERS -
Nemesis - 5/27/12:

From Resident Evil
-Increased scale
-Re-aligned anims for basics and some specials.
-Minor tweaks to some specials
-Includes custom edited stage
Dark Donald - 5/27/12 :

Personal Dark Donald edit (as in Ronald Mc)
-Adjusted offense/defense values
-Changed the life gain, so he is actually beatable now, unless
your character is too fat. When his life gets to zero, there is a
list of characters who he responds too by throwing cheeseburgers
everywhere and regaining full life. The list is easy to update or erase
if you search his .cns file.
-Includes Midnight at McDonalds Stage w/customized remix of
Converting Vegetarians by Infected Mushroom
Death - 5/27/12:

From the Castlevania Series
-Updated some code.
-No longer flips directions once every frame when passing over player 2.
-Taunt moved to taunt button
-Winpos no longer lasts a minute and a half.
-Includes personally customized Giant Underground Cathedral full of Bones stage
and Rosemary's Baby by Fantomas
Tyrant - 5/27/12:

From Resident Evil
-That unblockable charging move that he loves to spam is now blockable.
-more to come in terms of anim aligning etc...
-Includes personally customized Building of Horror stage
4 of Omegapsycho's Boss Characters - 5/27/12:

Infinity Phalanx, Somulo, Crocomire, and Cyber Skeleton
-No longer require stage zoom
Original Thread
Dark Phoenix - 5/27/12:

From the X-Men
-Now has 6 selectable Palettes, thanx to KBN22 for the fix.
Zombie Chaos - 5/27/12:

From Resident Evil MVC style
-Fixed infinite loop bug
-120 x 140ed large portrait
-Includes personally customized Resident Evil Police Stage with walk on by Nemesis
Ash - 5/29/12:

Ash from Sam Ramey's Evil Deads and Army of Darkness.
Hail to the king baby.
-New Portrait from Army of Darkness cover
-Fixed face sprites in stand pos
-Remapped punches to punch buttons
and kicks to kick buttons
-Fixed broken command for Mini Ashes hyper
-Wrote out and added Moves List
-Uppercut has more balls now
-Gave Chainsaw Dash another version
with some more range if you press
y instead of x.
-All basic attacks are a tab bit quicker
-Removed env shake on weak attacks, toned it down and strongs,
and turned it to a bit more of a vibrating effect when the chainsaw hits.
-Realigned crouch weak punch
-Includes personally fixed Evil Dead Cabin stage
Jesus Chris - 5/28/12:

From Bible Fight
-Converted from 2 button to 4 button character via
2 of his specials to basics, and some code tweaking
-Changed a few commands to make them more intuitive
and so rewrote moves list
-Smoothed out standing and jump attack anims
-120x140ed portrait.
The Tick - 5/29/12:

From The Tick
-One of his moves used to send him floating off the screen forever.
This doesn't happen anymore.
-Wrote out a moves list
CVG Spawn - 6/15/12:

From the Todd McFarlanes Comic. I made a shit load of changes to this character.
There is a change log in the file, but Very basically:

-Realigned all sprites (for foot position), anims, basics and some hypers.
-Added many new frames to basics and specials to smooth out animation.
-Added more range and velocity to the Hell Chains special
-Replaced weak punch with a standing jab, and made medium into a 2 hit weak/medium combo.
-Dropped the weak kick, demoted medium and fierce kicks, and added a fierce knee
with a lot of range.
-Changed start of walk anim so it flows out of standing better
-Frankensprited in a bad ass lifter with his cape for crouch fierce kick (can be chained twice, so i cut the damage in half)
-Smoothed out all tic counts in anims to make him less choppy and a little quicker.
-Added just a little bit of forward movement to the fierce uppercut.
-Made the projectile less transparent, but fades to transparency when exploding.
-Changed his default palette from grey to black.

__/ add 6/15/12
-tweaked velocity push on hell chains
-added velocity to flip kick in air
-changed velocities of drill cape, so it moves at the angle it looks like it's supposed to,
just at different speeds depending on the button pushed to trigger it. slow drill works
nice as a float to get over projectiles, or dashes especially when done from super jump.
-minor artistic tweaks to standing anim to make him look like less of a hulk.
(lowered trapezius muscle, added curvature to waist. (see above for new stance w/new default palette)
also cleaned up hand opening and closing.
-tweaked default palette and green palette both to a darker black, and greened up the eye some.
-added 3 custom large portraits.

-If I'm not done with this character I'm really close, at least for a long while.
For full change log and wip topic visit this thread.
Satan - 6/5/12:

From Bible Fight.
-Realigned all anims so foot position holds
-recreated crouching and jumping basics
-added transparency to smoke and fire.
-fixed win pos
-added frames to standing jumping crouching,
-fixed tics of everything.
-added taunt.
-reversed large portrait, made new small portrait.
-plays smooth now
Duke Nukem - 8/20/12:

Ok, so after alota baby mama drama (yup), a ton of work, and a little break, I've basically managed to finish Duke up. It's been a long road to recovery but alas, he's here.

__/ 6/3/12
-Regained basic motor skills
-Regained the ability to throw a weak punch
-Now capable of walking in a straight line. Realigned walk, crouch, dash, areal basics.
-Fresh Frankenspriting: Added frames to walk, aligned foot position for crouch and landing
-Redid Jumping animations

_/ added 6/10
-Added frames to areal basics to smooth out motion.
-Added & created frames for standing & crouching basic attacks
-Realigned and re-timed all standing, jumping and crouching basic attacks.

_/ added 6/14
-Realigned all get hit's
-Fixed turning, and changed turning animation
-created sprites for crouch breathing and turning, and added a crouch turning animation
-frankensprited the turning animations (s & c) so he passes the gun from one hand to the other
-realigned a bunch of shit, fixed a ton of collisions

_/ added 6/16
-dug through all his code to find what was keeping the items from working and fixed it. All items now work.
-changed large and small portraits
-now almost totally functional

_/ added 8/19
-tightened up location of all meters, pistol and armor
-removed shadow from grenade launcher explosion
-removed shadow from freezer beam
-made sniper rifle charge a little quicker, and crosshairs move faster
-fixed f+x and f+a each chaining into themselves for infinites
-fixed debug flood for state 211 in steroids mode
-remapped buttons to switch z and c. update moves list to fit.
-made sniper rifle and plasma cannon supers a little easier to pull off
by adding extra cmds
-lowered damage of plasma cannon
-switched sounds for light and heavy basics, and changed s.sp whiff.
-added landing sound
-changed pistol sound
-changed 'readme' to 'moves list' and cleaned up / organized it a bit.

__/ 8/20
-created cellphone animation for winpose
-fixed attempting to use steroids or jetpack when empty
(steroids locked up char, jet pack was half of an anim)
-fixed infinite priority and tweaked collision boxes on all basics
-touched up all palettes
-made chainsaw available to all palettes
-made needler available to all s + palettes
-made golden gun bullets more powerful

__/ added 8/23
-fixed standing steroids animation
-nerfed freezer
-added some damage to shrinker
-AI should no longer randomly take control
-No longer slides toward opponent when KOing with uppercut
-added vulnerable frames to steroids
-pistol is no longer an infinite
-moved body armor to bottom of screen
-added configure.txt to control y offset of gun and chaingun overheat icons
-updated readme again

Included 2 new large and 1 new small portrait(s):

Many thanks to Cybaster for the kick ass on point feedback, and Laharl for the encouragement and feedback too.
Also to T.O.P.S, Kazuya, Trial Force, Mr.ChainSaw & The Immortal for ripping the sprites and creating the original character.



Here is a link to a Duke Nukem stage by Xdegenerate: Stage Page
Batman - 6/7/12:

By Alucard. There really is a lot that could be done to this character.
I'm not going to do all of it, but I might update him once more after
this, so keep an eye out.
-Fixed Bat-Mobile hyper so after he runs the opponent over, he throws it
in reverse and backs up to a stop before blasting them with missiles,
rather than just cutting to that position.
-Realigned the opponent in his Crime Alley hyper, so he holds them up
the way he's supposed to. usually. (depends on the character really)
-Cut the damage way down on the crime alley hyper.
-Will check on cybasters old feedback list and see if there is anything
quick and easy I can do. The coding for this character is kind of a mess
tho. If he were cleaner, better labeled, and not all stuffed into one cns file,
I'd probably be willing to do a lot more.
Beavis and Butt-Head Mc 900 ft Jesus Package - 7/29/12:

-I said 900 ft Jesus package.
-Basically after a few years of chance and scouring I managed to
obtain good working versions of Beavis and Butt-Head, and a
pretty well done version of their house.
-I download a clip of Beavis singing along to Mc 900 ft Jesus'
If I Only had a Brain, got the actual song, sped it up so the bpms
line up, cut the voice clips and collaged together another minute
or so so the madness goes on for the entire song.
-Commented their animations out of the stage so it makes sense
to use them there. Just uncomment them if you want to use
another character in that stage.
Endoedgar's Metroid bosses resized - 7/29/12:

Endoedgar made a couple of bosses from Metroid which were basically too small to fight regular sized characters. They're made to fight his Samus' who are about half the size of your average Ryu, so I just doubled their scale and doubled the size of the stages. No changes to the characters at all other than that. Seeing as his Motherbrain does have a scaled up version already, I've just provided a link to his page for you to get her. Her 'hd' scaled stage on that page is not scaled at all tho for whatever reason, so I provided a version of that here too.

Kraid: Download
Phantoon: Download
Motherbrain's Stage: Download
Endoedgar's page: http://www.endoedgar.net/phpBB3/portal.php
(Characters link under M.U.G.E.N. on left for Motherbrain)
Hwoarang - 11/11/12:

Minor updates to Hwoarang by Silver.
-Increased his mobility by speeding up his walk a little
-Increased his dash range. (check readme to tweak it if you want)
-Adjusted his size to MK, SF and X-Men characters. (which increased his range a bit)
-Added 4 new palettes.


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Re: A Variety of Characters and Stages Smoothed Out {Growing List}

Post  RobotMonkeyHead on Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:51 am

____________/ - STAGES -
3 Castlevania Stages - 5/27/12:

Giant Cathedral Tomb Full of Bones (Granfalloon's stage from SOTN)
-Totally overhauled everything from the ground up except sprites.

Giant Portrait
-Enlarged & tweaked

Red Curtains and Moonlight
-Moonlight now looks like moonlight instead of huge white bars.
-Minor tweaks
Building of Horror - 5/27/12:

-Darkened Glass
-Tweaked Rain
-Removed Rick
-Darkened everything a little and added light flickers
-Lights go out occasionally (modified)
Fucked Up Hose Baby Laboratory - 5/28/12:

Was called 'Groove On Fight Laboratory'
-Added in flickering messed up lighting effects
-made floor parallax
Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Stage (with pac-man smoking crack bgm) - 5/28ish/12:

Includes Pac-Man zeta with double sized sprites for trouble saving sake.
-Reworked from the ground up.
-All deltas and positions changed,
-Anims tweaked
-Added reflection on joystick
-Includes customized version of The Bloodhound Gangs song Mope which normally
has a sample of pac-man smoking crack in the middle of it, which I moved to the
beginning. Makes for excellent bgm.
Cheif Thunders Bridge - 6/10/12:

From Killer Instinct. This was a crapalicious rip that took me about an hour to reconstruct.
-Rebuilt everything from the ground up
-cut out blank space and clipping noise in bgm, and customized the EQ to
clean it up and make it a little louder.
The Bat Cave - 6/10/12:

[img width=640 height=266]https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img842/6614/batcave.png[/img]
The Bat Cave.

__/ low res
-A rebuild of LTD's sprite.
-Added pulsing glow
-Added beams of light
-Added front railing (that was a bitch)
-Threw some fog in there.
Download Low-Res

__/ Hi-Res
-Found hi res original image, broke down to separate RGB component pics
and reassembled in mugen with transparency for lot's of color.
-again, threw some fog in on the floor and ceiling
-customized some light beams to the right angles
Download Hi-Res

____________/ - OTHERS -
Street Fighter 2 Oil Drum Bonus - 8/16/12:

The oil drum bonus from Street Fighter 2 created by Mark Worth.
-The stack of oil drums used to chase me around the screen.
Now they don't. Basically I set each of their screenbound = 0
and posset x relative to their parent, then rebuilt half of
the cns.
-Slapped together a quick stage from an SF2 Zangief stage
and Iceman's COTA stage's sky.
-Included the BGM
(fixed top drum falling slowly bug. "we still got tiiiii iiiiimmmeee")
(fixed train wreck in arcade mode bug infestation)
Palette Pack for Duracelleur's Predator - 8/16/12:

File names from left to right: Comic, Comic Dark, Light, Dark, Red, Thermal.

Palette Pack for Duracelleur's Mr. Karate XIII - 11/15/12:

Variation on Original, Purple Gee, Icy Gee
Living Dead, Fiery Gee, Evil

Variation on Original, Green Gee, Bronze Gee
Variation on Original, Ghost of Christmas Karate, 8 Bits of Evil

Snakes on a Plane Bonus - 11/22/12 :

[img resized=1 width=640 height=377]https://i.imgur.com/lkkRW.png[/img]
Ok this is a fun mashup of some existing material. It's a bonus round that was a bunch of snakes. I swapped the floor for the floor in an airplane crashing stage, and got a few 'snakes on a plane sparta mixes' and cut them together in garage band. I have motherfucking had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!
Happy Thanksgiving!
SF2 Car's Revenge Bonus - 11/22/12:

[img resized=1 width=640 height=377]https://i.imgur.com/LqoLp.png[/img]
This fun little collage of material didn't take much work at all, mostly just assembly. The car had one move it loved to spam so I toned that down a bit, the song had a longer intro that I copped off for posterity, and the stage got a name change, but other than that it was just a fun combination that I thought was worth sharing. Enjoy!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Re: A Variety of Characters and Stages Smoothed Out {Growing List}

Post  RobotMonkeyHead on Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:52 am

Roster for Requests:

Click image to enlarge.
[img resized=1 width=640 height=377]https://i.imgur.com/bRaia.jpg[/img]
All of my editing is building toward finishing and filling this SP. For that reason I really only edit characters that are on here. There are a couple hundred hidden slots to, so if you don't see a character, there's a chance it's still on there. If you want to make an editing request, this screen is pretty much my range.

Check out the Screenpacks WIP thread for progress on that.
Character Editing Tutorial:

This is a beginner level tutorial that I wrote up. If you have 0 or less knowledge of how character coding works, but would like to try getting your hands dirty with some simple edits, this is for you.
Visit thread
Character Polishing Discussion::

This is a 'polishing / finalizing techniques' thread to try to gather up some of these techniques and write up a tutorial. In time, I hope it will describe how to take a mediocre character (of which there are so many), and add in some finishing touches to make them excellent. Any little step helps, so if you have something to share (or to learn) please visit this thread!
Current Projects:

Taking a short sojourn form editing to finish up an HD screenpack WIP . [s]Another week or so should
see the end of that.[/s] <-hahaha Keep an eye out here for it. That's my main priority at the moment.
Aside from that I'm working on an edit of MMV's Venom, and breaking down Omegapsycho's MK1 Shang Tsung

Honestly, Space Godzilla is possibly abandoned due to lack of attacks making him not really worth it.
CVG Spawn, waiting on another edit to possibly merge. Someone mentioned that Arlequin might merge some edits with his original for an 'official' version, so that's where that sits.
Deathstar is done pending a few sprite changes. That will happen some day.
Next I'm looking at breaking down OMEGAPSYCHO's and Juano16's Shang Tsungs into individual characters.
Doubleplusgood Threads:

Here are a couple threads that really impressed me. Wouldn't want you to miss them. Happy downloading. (For the regulars, I'm sure you're already well aware of them, so this section probably isn't going to do much for you.)
Duracelleur's To-Six edits - Huge list of really fun character edits here.
Saikoro's Portrait thread - Tons of great portraits here.
Koldskool's Edits - Great high quality edits.
Ryon's Character Creation Tutorial - Ground up. With video. Basically everything you need to know.
More to come.
Other Mugen Forums to Check Out::
Some of my Drawings in Progress::

All of these sketches have come much much further than they are shown here. It's just that I don't get to a scanner very often, so it's tough to keep em updated. Anyway, hope you enjoy! All pencil on 11 x 14

__/ Tree One

__/ Eye (Since photo, finished framed.)

__/ Bald Guy

__/ Girl with Glasses

__/ Bald Woman

__/ Girl Wearing Wings
[img resized=1 width=582 height=800]https://i.imgur.com/xPx4P.jpg[/img]

__/ Vietnamese Woman

__/ Couple
[img resized=1 width=600 height=800]https://i.imgur.com/K6R3g.jpg[/img]

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Re: A Variety of Characters and Stages Smoothed Out {Growing List}

Post  Infinite on Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:29 pm

Great Stuff RMH, Thanks for sharing.

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Re: A Variety of Characters and Stages Smoothed Out {Growing List}

Post  RobotMonkeyHead on Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:36 am

Thank you sir! Cool

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Re: A Variety of Characters and Stages Smoothed Out {Growing List}

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