CPS2 Predator REvamped for Win MUGEN & 1.0

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CPS2 Predator REvamped for Win MUGEN & 1.0

Post  duracelleur on Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:19 pm

CPS2 Predator REvamped for Win MUGEN & 1.0 by Duracelleur - 12.08.14
Based on Predator Fighter by Sergeus (http://sergeusmugen.blogspot.fr)
Sprites resampled and cleaned to fit MVC style characters.
Thanks to Mr Infinite for the "as always" big help.

6 Specials (+4 Air) and 6 Hypers inspired by Vyn's Evil Ryu, Erradicator's Iron Man, Team OS's Super Buu and ZVitor's MrFantastic.
Some sounds added from original CPS2 AVP.

UPDATE 12.08.16 :
Cloaking and Spear glitchs fixed (thanks to Mr Infinite), readme updated for hypers commands.
6 new palettes available (thanks to RoboMonkeyHead!)

mediafire.com ?t1u1vbain7pea7m

Portrait by Roback : http://browse.deviantart.com/?order=9&q=predator&offset=120#/dn7n10

Predator MUGEN WIP - 12.08.08 by Duracelleur
Check Readme.txt for commands.




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