Chizuru / Maki Portraits for Hloader's KOF 2002UM SP

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Chizuru / Maki Portraits for Hloader's KOF 2002UM SP

Post  Tazzer on Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:08 pm

I made some portraits for Chizuru and Maki for Hloader's KOF2002UM SP a little while back. Yes, I know Chizuru as not in that game.. however I liked the screenpack alot, and Chizuru is one of my favorite KOF characters so here we are lol.

I made very slight alterations to the Chizuru ports (Glowing blue eyes) for Maki as well.

To those who have the pack and want to use them, Enjoy. To those who don't, no worries. Thanks for taking the time to check them out. Smile


Select Screet Ports:


Vs Screen Ports:


Lifebars (Single, Simul and Turns):


Chizuru and Maki Win Ports:


.RAR file with all Ports (9000,0 - 9000,1 - 9000,2 - 9000,3 - 9000,4 - 9000,5): ?5dj53tfjvbjoexu
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